Brand Identity for Palete

Brand Identity for Palate

Palate is a small private business that takes great care in preparing every dessert with love and attention to detail. The brand identity is centered around the cloud, which symbolizes the lightness and airiness of the desserts. The unique graphic element, along with the sans-serif font, effectively conveys the brand’s distinctiveness. The soft blue color is used to represent the brand’s commitment to using pure and natural ingredients in their products.

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Palate Desserts’ logo prominently features a cloud as its central graphic element. This cloud symbolizes the ethereal, light, and airy nature of the desserts that the brand is renowned for. It encapsulates the essence of heavenly, delectable treats that leave customers craving for more.

The brand utilizes a clean and contemporary sans-serif font for its visual identity. This choice in typography aligns with Palate’s modern and sophisticated image, reinforcing its commitment to delivering desserts that are both elegant and delicious.

A soft and inviting shade of blue is the primary color in Palate Desserts’ visual identity. This serene blue hue is carefully chosen to convey the brand’s dedication to using only the purest and most natural ingredients in their dessert creations. It invokes a sense of trust and purity, assuring customers of the brand’s quality.

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