The Future Of Digital Marketing: Does It Lie?

Digital marketing allows businesses to conduct ongoing marketing research, make better connections with customers, and reach wider audiences than other marketing channels would allow them. People love personalization and digital marketing allows brands to be more interactive with customers than they did before, creating more loyalty, and larger interest. But with the saturation of online campaigns, and therefore the bombardment of advertising on social media, are people losing interest in always being marketed online?

We’ve found that it’s much better to be creating informative content that has a long-term blast and lasting appeal, instead of making social media content that gets lost on a feed.

Many clients still want to specialize in social media because they believe that is where the immediate impact is. But the impact of ongoing content for the website in terms of an SEO point of view is what draws traffic in.

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Use Of Social Media

The use of social media marketing has decreased and we’ve seen an astronomical shift towards personal branding. I think that the future lies with hiring an in-house personal brander. We’ve seen numerous agencies being set up solely for personal branding already. Personal branding has its place and it’s extremely important, but ultimately businesses have to find that empathy within themselves or between themselves as a brand and a customer to make it long-term.

Going on to discuss what he thinks is the most important and successful way of marketing digitally, he said, “Don’t just shove your product down people’s throats. You would like to create something that people can see and think ‘Wow, this brand gets me. We see it done so well by brands like Adidas where they’ve embedded themselves in culture, so their consumers can see themselves therein brand and relate to its campaigns.”

Customers aren’t just purchasing, they’re increasingly becoming content creators and taking to social media to share their views. It’s now more common for us to facilitate a UGC campaign for a brand than it’s to produce professional campaign shoots. And permanently reason – 92% of consumers are more likely to trust a recommendation from another person over branded content. Seeing real people employing a product or service builds trust, creates a way of community and brings a brand’s promises to life in a relatable way.


It was great to have so many different views on the future of digital marketing. An underlying theme of the discussion was that an Omni channel marketing approach is vital to help create a long-lasting brand impression. By creating personable content to make connections and targeting this content to the right customers, brands can enjoy digital marketing success. However, the impact of continuous creating touchpoints both before and after this content is released, through other marketing methods, will help businesses reap the rewards of their digital marketing efforts.

It was also interesting to hear how in economic hardship, businesses should consider cutting their spending on marketing – the barriers to entry in stopping and restarting marketing activity can be costly, and continuing marketing efforts whilst others reduce can be of great benefit to businesses.

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