Digital Marketing matters for businesses

We live in a digital world, which implies Digital marketing is more important than ever for businesses.

If your business is in Pakistan and doesn’t have an online presence, you’re missing out on valuable interactions between you and your customers. And on top of that, you may be losing business to your competitors. If you’re still not sure whether or not to bring the Internet into your marketing strategy.

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What is Digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the umbrella term for a bunch of online strategies that help promote a business online. you’ll be able to break it down into a ton of different strategies, but a number of the most basic aspects of Digital marketing are: Search engine optimization (or SEO), which deals with optimizing your website so it shows up in search engines Pay-per-click advertising (or PPC), which is online advertising that you just only pay for when people click on your ads Social media marketing, which uses social media to interact with potential customers Content marketing, which is creating written content, videos, photos, graphics, and more to interact with your target audience. So I’ve laid the inspiration. Now let’s build upon it with reasons why you should use Digital marketing.

Why does Digital marketing matter for businesses in Pakistan?

Digital marketing reaches people when they’re searching for information with traditional advertising, your billboards, radio ads, and television ads are seen and heard by a lot of people. Over 70% of the Pakistani audience is connected through a digital platform to surf the web and social media to connect with family and friends. With a good portion of the audience not interested at all in what you’re pushing. It’s not targeted very well with Digital marketing, you don’t need to push. The goal is to have the content, the landing pages, the product pages, the videos, etc. ready when people want to seek out your business or something your business offers. Your business was within the right place at the right time and ended up getting a sale because you used digital marketing to have content on your website that converts. You’ll be able to engage people at every stage of the buying process with Digital marketing; you can reach people at the beginning of their journeys, all the way to after they’ve made a purchase.

If someone doesn’t completely make it to the purchase stage or starts a purchase but halfway through, you’ll be able to still use remarketing ads to remind them that your business is there for them.

Maybe they need the final price and it was too much, so you serve them a coupon code or share a special sale. With some key touch points, your business can guide people from awareness to buying. Data helps you to adjust campaigns for maximum effectiveness the beauty of digital marketing being on the Internet is that you can take advantage of the data from each of your campaigns.

In the research stage of your strategy, a lot of tools exist to help you find the right keywords, observe your competitors’ data, and put together the most effective action plan. Once your campaigns are in place, you’ll be able to see which pages on your website are driving the most conversions, which of them are causing people to go elsewhere, how effective your ads are, and how many people are looking at your social posts, and then much more.

Digital marketing works for your budget if we’re talking digital ads, you’ll set a budget and choose a bidding strategy based on your campaign goals so you see the best results for your business. With a platform like Google Ads, you’ll even use smart bidding to automate the bidding process.  you’ll choose from options like target cost per action, target return on ad spend, or maximize conversions—depending on how much data your account has with the platform. Things like SEO, content marketing, and social media management don’t necessarily have an associated cost unless you assign a worth to how much time you spend on them or purchase any tools. Of course, hiring a digital marketing agency to do SEO, content marketing and social media management comes with a cost, but it saves you time since lots of work goes into each strategy. Nonetheless, all of these strategies can pay off in the end.

And that’s why you ought to use Digital marketing. The digital marketing umbrella is big, and while you don’t need to take advantage of every aspect, you must at least do some form of digital marketing for your business. It’s proven to drive business growth and generate revenue.

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