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Bakely is first of its kind bakery with various branches located in Lahore, Pakistan. With adaption of multiple mottos like Here to Bake you happy, The Delicious Business, the finest Bakery in town and Eat, Love, Repeat, Bakely aims to make its mark among finest delicacies in Lahore.

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Brand Story

The Bakely brand story is extracted from the following manifesto. This manifesto guides the Bakely brand on what areas to focus. Bakely outlets will have a perfect ambience that appeals to the entire family. The food is delicious and prepared perfectly. Everything is available on time. The people at Bakely have been trained to be friendly. All these efforts have been made so that the customer visits daily.

A Bakery for the entire family,

Where everything is prepared tastefully,

Brought to them in manner that is timely,

By people who are friendly,

To make you visit daily.

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Our professional consultancy team had been a major helping hand for Bakely’s launch in Pakistan by developing their brand identity, setting up their social media presence on Facebook and Instagram and maximizing success for their paid advertising effort. It was a real challenge to launch Bakely in such a concentrated market and create its position in the market. We had to implement best in class digital marketing skills to allow Bakely to grow.

As a result, not only did Bakely measurably improve its bottom line but was also able to affirm its position in market. We were able to kill two birds with one arrow; establishing Bakely’s strong position in market and doing so in minimal amount of time.

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